Alain Husson-Dumoutier - Structure et compétence - Oil on paper on cardboard - 100x700 cm
Alain Husson-Dumoutier - Structure et compétence - Oil on paper on cardboard - 100x700 cm
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Jean-Marie Leloup’s main features:

A life-long experience

A man of action

The trust of the business world and judicial and academic circles bestowed Jean-Marie Leloup responsibilities to implement his clients-shared views on management:

– Director of a higher education institution (ESCAE),

– President of the “Fédération Nationale des Unions des Jeunes Avocats” (French National Federation of Young Lawyers’ Unions)

– Founder of the Lawyers Summer University, the most studious and cheerful professional training institution,

– President of the Bar Association of Poitiers,

– President of the Association “Droit et Commerce” (Law and Business) which gathers half a thousand businessmen and legal experts.


Man of culture

Bar President Jean-Marie Leloup is the scientific Director of the magazine « Revue de Jurisprudence Commerciale » (Business Jurisprudence Review). During a conference in June 2015 in the Trade Court of Paris, Professor Jacques Mestre said about him: “Like one of those acquainted agents he managed to get known for his novelty and talent, Jean-Marie Leloup has, for a long time, made sure to be the perfect “Law and Business” trustee in the Distribution legal field and he succeeded in it so well that many of his books and publications about Law and Business significantly swayed the evolution of Law”.

The Bar President Jean-Marie Leloup decorates his offices and this website, with the art pieces of Alain Husson-Dumoutier, painter and carver, UNESCO Artist for Peace, and with the carving “Les ours dansent” by Jeanne Regeffe.

Committment to his clients

  • Ethical beliefs leading to a trustworthy relationship with each client and a thoughtful input to the strategic decisions of each company,


  • In solidarity with his clients, Jean-Marie Leloup takes into account the circumstances impacting their lives and takes special care of risks prevention and management.


  • Stemming from an in-depth understanding of Law and Business practice,


  • Allowing him to come up with tailored solutions to each client’s project within a versatile legal, regulatory and economic context.


  • This is particularly useful since the entry into force, the October 1st 2016, of the French law of Obligations reform, a major overhaul triggering outcomes still difficult to assess today.

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